Beneficial Vitamins in Seaweed

Vitamins in Seaweeds

Today we are going to break down all the beneficial vitamins our seaweed contains, Did you know Seaweed has more Vitamin C than oranges? Seaweed is a major super food used by vegetarians, vegans and health conscious, seafood lovers. Seaweeds can also be used to treat a lot of deficiency. The various seaweeds have an […]

Kombu kelp

Kombu kelp

Laminara Digitata aka ‘Kombu kelp’ is one of the most nutrition seaweeds for you! Did you know? Kombu kelp contains more calcium that milk.. Kombu Kelp has an array of minerals and vitamins: B group vitamins Iron Calcium Fiber Protein iodine Kombu Kelp also contains fucoidan which is said to protect the body from radiation. […]



Dulse or Dillisk is the most popular seaweed produced. Dillisk can be eaten straight from the bag, used as a salt replacement or used when cooking. The salty manganese taste is what everyone recognizes right away! The natural sodium gives the salty taste but it actually contains very little salt. Dulse has an endless list […]

Products You didn’t realize contain Seaweed

products you didnt realize that seaweed in them

We are going to show you all the products you didn’t realize contain seaweed in your household. Seaweeds extracts Carrageenan, Alginates and Agar are used in many products because of there Emulsifying and thickening agents. They are all derived from natural products such as Red & Brown Seaweeds. As well as algae extracts because of […]