Wild Irish Sea Veg was established in 2009 By Gerard & Eileen Talty. Very much a Family company daughters Orla, Emma, Allisha and son Evan are always on hand to help the harvest. Their 4 Grandchildren Ellie, Kayla, Lexi & Cody are never far from the action either!

Seaweed Harvesting has long been a family tradition with Michael Snr A.K.A Granda Mickey being a purchaser for Irish Marine products from 1960’s – 1980’s.

In 2009 the Talty Family with just two products in their local shop Carrageen and Dillisk, They now have over 23 products spread across 3 ranges; Edible, Skincare & Pet & Land care.


27/09/2013 Wild Irish Sea Veg, Caherrush, Spanish Point, Co Clare, Ireland. Four generations of the Talty Family, Michael Talty with Kayla Darcy (on the Tractor), Evan Talty (right) and (Back from left ) Allisha Talty, Eileen Talty, Ellie Talty and Gerard Talty harvesting Sea Veg on the Atlantic Coast at Caherrush, Co Clare, Ireland. Photograph by Eamon Ward


Back when Wild Irish Seaweed was born, seaweed was not “sexy”. The Talty family started attending farmers markets, trade shows and in store demonstration to show people seaweed tastes great and has an abundance of health benefits.

In 2010 Wild Irish Seaweed began Seaweed Safari Tours to educate customers on sustainably harvesting, drying, cooking and eating seaweeds at home. Taking customers on a tour of Caherush point, Wild Irish harvesting grounds and their purpose built Seaweed Centre overlooking the Wild Atlantic.


27/09/2013 Wild Irish Sea Veg, Caherrush, Spanish Point, Co Clare, Ireland. The Talty Family (clockwise from front left seated) Kayla Darcy and her Great Grandfather and Grandmother Michael and Mary Talty, Gerard and Eileen Talty, Evan Talty and Allisha Talty, and Ellie Talty having dinner at home in Caherrush, Co Clare, Ireland. Photograph by Eamon Ward


All Wild Irish Seaweeds grow wildly off the coast of Co. Clare. They are harvested in season to provide optimum nutrition and are organically certified by IOFGA. Our harvesting waters are tested quarterly to ensure the highest quality and we operate within HSE Guidelines.

Wild Irish Seaweeds are also sold in Bulk to the Hotel & Catering Industry, Our products can be own branded. Wild Irish Seaweeds can be found in Chocolate, Sausages, Biscuits and Salt as well as on Hotel & Restaurant menu’s worldwide.

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