Today we are going to break down all the beneficial vitamins our seaweed contains,

Did you know Seaweed has more Vitamin C than oranges?

Seaweed is a major super food used by vegetarians, vegans and health conscious, seafood lovers.

Seaweeds can also be used to treat a lot of deficiency. The various seaweeds have an abundance of certain vitamins and these can be used to treat any vitamin deficiency’s in an organic way.

Take a look at our nutritional chart to get exactly what Seaweed you may need.

Vitamins in seaweeds
Our Seaweeds

B Group Vitamins

Seaweeds contain very good amounts of all the group B vitamins, which is ideal for vegetarians who can lack vitamin B12. The B Vitamins are brilliant for brain health, your nervous system, creating new red blood cells and keeping your immune system strong. Seaweeds like Dillisk, Sea Salad, Carrageen, Kombu Kelp and Sugar Kelp have great amounts of B group vitamins.

Vitamin A

Our Seaweeds also contain good amounts of Vitamin A which is vital in the body for normal vision, your immune system and reproduction.It also helps organs such as your heart, lungs and kidneys work properly. Vitamin A can be found in Dillisk, Sea Salad, Sugar Kelp and Wakame.

Vitamin C

As we said above Seaweed contains more vitamin C than oranges. Carrageen , Sugar Kelp, Bladderwrack and Nori have great amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C produces Collagen so therefore its essential for the repair or tissue.

Vitamin E & K

Other vitamin traces in our Seaweeds include vitamin E and K. These vitamins are antioxidants protecting against cells in the body. Vitamin K is also essential for binding calcium in bones. Atlantic Wakame has traces of both these vitamins.

Seaweed Spices Pack. Photograph by John Kelly.

We find the best way of introducing Seaweed into your diet is with our Seaweed Seasoning range. Our Seaweed shakers are very similar to your mixed herbs and can be added to any dish. We use them in eggs, stews, cakes, cookies, brownies, dinners, with your potatoes, in smoothies and so much more!

Take a look at our recipe sections for more ideas.

Take a look at the Organic facts website. It also showcases the benefits of added seaweed to your diet.