Oatmeal Seaweed Cookies

Oatmeal Nori cookies

Looking for a healthier cookie alternative? why not try these Oatmeal seaweed Cookies. They are quick, easy and perfect for kids. The seaweed we used this week is our organic nori which is high in protein, low in calories and full of vitamins and minerals! Here is what you will need to make our Oatmeal […]

Basic Seaweed Smoothie (to get you started) by Dr.Prannie Rhatigan

  www.irishseaweedkitchen.com Seaweed used: Atlantic Wakame What You will need: Wild Irish Sea Veg Wakame , about 15cm (6 inch) piece rinsed, snipped finely and soaked overnight in just enough water to cover, or 6–8g (¼oz) dried and ground. 1 banana chilled or peeled, chopped and frozen overnight, or 2 chilled pears ¼ pineapple, including […]