Perfect Seaweed Brunch

perfect seaweed brunch

This perfect seaweed brunch using our Sea Salad sprinkles is perfect for any relaxed morning, Follow these easy steps for the perfect Seaweed Brunch: Toast your bagel or Muffin and add butter 2. Add your Meat- Ham/Chicken/Salmon 3. Add your Veggies- Lettuce/Peppers/Cucumber 4. Add your Poached Eggs 5. Add the Seaweed Sprinkles of your choice […]

Seaweed Seasoning Range

Seaweed Seasoning Range

Our Seaweed Seasoning range includes the following Seaweed sprinkles: Dillisk Carrageen Sea Salad Wakame Bladderwrack Kombu Kelp Sugar Kelp Nori Take a look at the importance of Seaweed in our daily diet here: The following are ways to use seaweed sprinkles in your meals: Pizza Toppings 2. On Your Potatoes 3. Poached Eggs 4. […]

Scrambled Egg and Seaweed

seaweed and sea salad sprinkles

Looking for healthy breakfast ideas? Try our scrambled egg and seaweed sprinkles, they’re the perfect match. No need for salt as our seaweed has all the flavor you will need, making these scrambled eggs healthier than ever. Eggs Milk Butter Seaweed Sprinkles pepper Starting with your scrambled egg mixture Stirring constantly while cooking Sprinkle any […]

Healthy Seaweed Egg Muffins

Sea Salad egg muffins

This week we have taken a breakfast idea and created an even healthier alternative, Healthy Seaweed Egg Muffins with our Sea Salad Sprinkles. These are very versatile and came be used at busy breakfast times, lunch box ideas and a healthy snack on the go. These healthy seaweed egg muffins can be placed in an […]