Kombu kelp

Kombu kelp

Laminara Digitata aka ‘Kombu kelp’ is one of the most nutrition seaweeds for you! Did you know? Kombu kelp contains more calcium that milk.. Kombu Kelp has an array of minerals and vitamins: B group vitamins Iron Calcium Fiber Protein iodine Kombu Kelp also contains fucoidan which is said to protect the body from radiation. […]



Dulse or Dillisk is the most popular seaweed produced. Dillisk can be eaten straight from the bag, used as a salt replacement or used when cooking. The salty manganese taste is what everyone recognizes right away! The natural sodium gives the salty taste but it actually contains very little salt. Dulse has an endless list […]

Different Ways to Use Seaweed

Different ways to use seaweed

Here are all the different ways to use Seaweed you might not have thought of until now. From the kitchen to the garden to animal feed the list is endless! Cooking Seaweed is a popular super food, used in every dish from salads to desserts. It is fast becoming a staple in a lot of […]

Essential Minerals In Seaweed

minerals in seaweed

Looking to discover all the essential minerals in seaweed? Then keep on Reading… Our Seaweeds contain all the essential minerals your body needs! Did you know a credit card size of Kelp has more calcium than 10 glasses of milk? Minerals like Calcium, iron, iodine, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and more can be found in seaweed. […]