Here are all the different ways to use Seaweed you might not have thought of until now.

From the kitchen to the garden to animal feed the list is endless!


Seaweed is a popular super food, used in every dish from salads to desserts. It is fast becoming a staple in a lot of people’s diet’s. It can be used in drinks, smoothies, snacks and as an alternative to foods such as salt and pasta.

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seaweed smoothie bowl

Natural Gelatin

Carrageen is a natural setting agent many people may remember from their childhood. It is also full of anti oxidants and a proven natural cough and cold remedy.

Help overcoming deficiencies

They are full of essential Minerals and vitamins. Dillisk contains more iron than red meat. Kombu contains more calcium than a glass of milk. If anyone suffers from any deficiencies such as idoine, vitamin C or B. There also full of fiber. If anyone is a vegetarian seaweed is a perfect substitute as it contains vitamin B12. Here is the nutritional chart:

Sea lettuce full of vitamins and minerals
Sea Lettuce

Reduce Plastic Consumption

Seaweed has been recently used to reduce the consumption of plastic. Skipping Rock Labs produced edible seaweed pods that break down in 4-6 weeks. These pods were used in the London Marathon and are perfect for big events such as music festivals and sporting events.

Cosmetic and detoxification

Algae has been proven to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body. Our skincare range includes products that exfoliate, moisturize, rejuvenate and repair the skin. Seaweed baths can be used as an effective treatment for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and acne.

seaweed skincare

Animal feed, Fertilizing & Soil Conditioner

Seaweed Meal also known as Ascophyllum is great for your animals and your garden. Ascophyllum has been proven to reduce the methane levels from cattle. It also increases microorganisms in the soil and contains many micro nutrients essential for plant and soil health. Seaweeds are proven to contain 10 times the mineral level than land vegetables. Looking to try seaweed meal:

Atlantean Soil Conditioner


Seaweed being a popular ingredient to combine with gin. Many companies are trying out this unique salty gin with sea hints. It can also leave a nice green/brown hue to the gin.