The Seaweed Starter Pack (7 Seaweeds)

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With the Seaweed starter pack you will receive:

  • 1 x 40g Dillisk
  • 1 x 40g Carrageen Moss
  • 1 x 40g Sugar Kelp
  • 1 x 40g Sea Spaghetti
  • 1 x 40g Kombu
  • 1 x 40g Sea Salad
  • 1 x Atlantic Wakame
  • 1 x Seaweed Guide and Recipe Booklet

You will then be able to get started and using to information booklet to guide you along the way, you can start experimenting with this unique nutritious super-food.



Did you eat seaweed by the seaside as a child growing up? Have you heard about the abundance of vitamins and minerals in sustainable wild seaweed? Or do you just want to taste the umami for yourself? Discover the benefits & culinary delights of Wild Irish Seaweeds with our seaweed starter pack!

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