Seaweed Bath Flakes


Sprinkle a little piece of heaven into your life with our Wild Irish Bath Flakes. The blend of Carrageen Moss, Bladderwrack & Dulse envelope your skin
in vitamins, minerals & pure bliss. This product is a great way to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Because this is an all natural product it is gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. It can help aid skin ailments such as Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema.



Add 2 – 3 scoops of Our Wild Irish Bath Flakes into a nice warm bath. The bath flakes create a super powered gel full of vitamins & Minerals, perfect for healing and Rejuvenating the skin. Our Blend of 3 seaweeds means you get all the wonderful properties seaweed has to offer in one place.

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