After a busy few months designing our new range, we can finally introduce The Wild Irish Seaweeds Catering Range.

We designed this range to make seaweed more accessible to the food service industry.

We designed this range with busy kitchens in mind. During each stage we took the following into consideration:

Our Catering Range has four Seaweed products to allow for the diverse flavors and Colours our seaweeds have to offer. There are two sizes available of each to cater for every culinary need. There is Roughly Chopped and Flakes of each as seen below in our Sea Salad Mix.Catering range sizes of seaweedTo give you more information on each seaweed in the range:

First up is the Dillisk:

Sea Salad Mix:

Wild Atlantic Greens:

Lastly The Kelp Mix:

We would also like to Thank Chef Chris King from the Red Cliff Lodge, Restaurant and Suites for working with us and provided us with his vast knowledge and experience of the industry and played a major part in the development of our new range.

If you have any other questions or queries about our New Catering Range get in touch,